A typical day during a Mt. Kilimanjaro trek

On a typical day on the mountain, you will be awakened from your tent around 6:30 AM by a staff member/ Moana Tanzania guide. Breakfast is usually served around 07:00 AM. Before eating breakfast, you should pack your day pack and duffel bag and bring them outside of the tent so the porters can take down the tent. Meals are served in a mess tent or occasionally outdoors. The mess tent includes chairs, tables, dinnerware and silverware.

Your trek usually begins around 8:30 AM. The porters will stay behind to clean up the campsite, and pack up the tents and other equipment. A health check will also be performed in the morning. Your walking time differs from day to day, but on average your walking time will be around four to seven hours per day. Your guide will assess the performance of the group and will decide the pace and when to take a break. The porters move ahead of the group in order to prepare food, collect water, and set up tents so that everything is ready when the group arrives. The cook will prepare a hot lunch or occasionally a lunchbox.

Dinner is served around 6:00 PM. Another health check is performed in the evening. The guide will discuss the next day’s hike with the group after dinner. The rest of the night you can spend relaxing and enjoying the experience.