Mount Kilimanjaro Summit Day

The summit day is tough and usually takes around 10 to 17 hours. It starts very early in the morning (around midnight), because the guides usually want to reach Uhuru peak at sunrise. After a light snack or breakfast at the camp, you will start your summit. It will be dark, cold and windy. The slope will be steep and the climbing will be difficult at times.

The team of Moana Tanzania guides will be with you every step of the way to assist you during your ascent. Short breaks (usually less than ten minutes) will be taken along the way and you will have a quick snack and enough drinking water. This is to make sure the climbers stay energized and hydrated but do not get cold by standing/sitting still. The guides will regularly check to see how everyone is doing and offer a hand to those who may need extra help.

Once you reach the summit, some time is spent celebrating and taking photos, before returning to Kibo hut/Barafu camp. You will be served a lunch and after the lunch, you will descent to a lower camp. This is usually when climbers become very tired, due to the long hike and the short night’s sleep before summit day. This totally normal and our guides will make sure to keep the spirits up.