Raising money through Cycling Tours and tourism industry for charitable purposes!!

Moana Tanzania has always valued the importance of community development and contributing to the improvement of health, education, career development, and advocate for conservation of our precious natural resources.

Kili Centre is among one of local NGO recipients. Through their diverse program offering we are able to provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Conservation

We make every effort to ensure your holiday in Tanzania by bike has a positive environmental, social and economic impact on the local communities we visit. We support schools, wildlife conservation initiatives and village development projects across Kilimanjaro region, and favor the use of eco-friendly, responsible local villages along with sustainable adventure and activities.

In order to give back a little to the societies that host us and our clients, we like to support smaller charities undertaking valuable work at a local level. To this end, we support the following initiatives, which we feel do some remarkable work.

Giving back while traveling allows us to connect on a deeper level with the country, local communities and philanthropists aiming to improve the world in which we live.