The best time of the year to visit Mt. Kilimanjaro

There are two rainy seasons and two dry seasons on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

First dry season:

During January and February the first dry season of the year starts. The weather is usually great for a hike during these months; not too cold and not too wet.

First rainy season:

During the months February – May, there is big chance of precipitation on Mt. Kilimanjaro, especially during the month April. The wind direction causes the southern slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro to receive more precipitation than the northern slopes. The precipitation consists of rain, snow and hail. Only on the glaciers there is snow all year around.

Second dry season:

The driest months on Mt. Kilimanjaro are from June to October. This is a great time for a Mt. Kilimanjaro trek, especially if you want small chances of rain on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Second rainy season :

The second rainy season falls in the months November and December. However, there is less rainfall in the second rainy season than during the first rainy season.